Fun with GIFs: WAXWORKS (1924)

Gifs for two carnival scenes from Leo Birinsky and Paul Leni’s 1924 film Waxworks (1924). You KNOW I am a sucker for a carnival! Tomorrow…my review for Waxworks!



2 Responses to “Fun with GIFs: WAXWORKS (1924)”

  1. VERY cool GIFs for a film I’ve never seen. I love carnivals,too,as well as the circus( never had a fear of clowns as a kid and love the clown in Circus of Horrors!). In the Summer of 1964,we had a carnival in South Connellsville(where I grew up,although I really never did)with 55 rides and attractions including the spook house called “Terror at Midnight”. It was the biggest carnival ever to hit our little borough. Good times. You rock oh girl of gore,the stylish mystical maiden of movie reviews! Goregirl forever! 🙂

    • I am not sure if I ever mentioned this but my dad was a pitchman at the Canadian National Exhibition when I was a kid; he sold jewellery cleaner, top hats you could have your name written on in glitter and invisible dogs. One of the many reasons I am so fond of carnivals to this day.

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