No Volume Needed November & Häxan Halloween!

Gory Greetings and Happy Halloween! I said there would be a second Favourite Five list but I must have fallen and hit my head or something! There is no way in hell I am getting a Favourite Five list done for posting tonight. I am going to see a special presentation of Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 Silent film Häxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages tonight at the Vancity Theatre. The presentation will include live music by Funerary Call. On Monday November 4 I will have my first post for No Volume Needed November on you guessed it; the aforementioned special presentation of Häxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages!

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5 Responses to “No Volume Needed November & Häxan Halloween!”

  1. Happy Get-Drunk-and-Get-Dressed-Up Day, goregirl! I’m in Vegas right now, and at a truck stop along the way I found a sale on two of my all-time favorite movies: THE REFLECTING SKIN, available as part of an 8-movie horror pack, and I, MADMAN, a fond salute to the lurid and sleazy paperback novels of the 1940’s and 1950’s and one in particular whose villain leaps off the page and starts slashing his way through our world.

    • A Belated same to you Mr. Brandt! I freaking LOVE Vegas…been four times! Next time I go I am staying some where shmancy too. Damn…I am sucker for those dirt cheap multi-paks. I can’t believe you found one with The Reflecting Skin in it you dog! The Reflecting Skin will definitely be on my list of favourite discoveries in 2013…it rocked my world!

  2. conradw58 Says:

    Hope your Halloween is all treats and no tricks,Goregirl!

  3. […] recently did a feature called No Volume Needed November where I watched and reviewed the horror films of the 1920s. There were not a whole lot of horror […]

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