Special 40th Anniversary Presentation: SEXCULA (1974) 16mm Print & Halloween!


Blurb Taken from the VANCITY THEATRE website:

Special 40th Anniversary Presentation: SEXCULA
Directed by Bob Hollowich, Canada, 1974, 16mm

A Canadian made “porno chic” movie? It never happened! So historians say, but tonight’s screening proves otherwise as the never-released and unknown sexually explicit (or X-Rated) horror-spoof Sexcula-made entirely in British Columbia back in 73-screens in a world premiere of its original unplayed 16mm answer-print. Produced with the help of Canadian Film Tax Credits (that’s right – tax players backed a porn movie – only in Canada) Sexcula is one of the oddest entries in the colorful catalog of Canuxploitation. Special Guests to be announced.

The screening is this Friday, October 25 at 10:30pm! How could I as a Canadian and a British Columbian NOT attend?! It also happens to be playing at Vancity Theatre; one of the city’s finest cinema houses. That’s my Friday night locked up!

Behind the Scenes: shots from SEXCULA…(click the pics to make them bigger)



Shot from SEXCULA…


Saturday Night I will be celebrating Halloween at The Railway Club. Pictures of the weekend’s events on Monday!!

Halloween Hootenanny

Whisky Chiefs


13 Responses to “Special 40th Anniversary Presentation: SEXCULA (1974) 16mm Print & Halloween!”

  1. conradw58 Says:

    Wow,sounds like a VERY cool Friday and Saturday! Will look forward to your thoughts and pictures of the events on Monday! Wishing you lots of fun at both and a great weekend,Goregirl! 🙂

  2. “She’ll suck more than your blood” is one of the best movie taglines I’ve ever seen.

  3. Awesome. Granted, the chances of a flick like this playing in the US in a mainstream theater is ZERO (even though we had a porno flick called Roommates playing here in the early 80’s), but yeah, go Canada! Oh and “click the pics to make them bigger”? Yeah I think one part of my brain was squirting milk from its nose at that. Ah, noodity has it’s way of making people so goofy!

    • I don’t think Vancity Theatre will be making a habit of showing XXX flicks…figured I better jump on the opportunity. It’s my Patriotic duty really.

      • Now, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Don’t forget to salute and sing the national anthem before the screening. I think you’ll make the guys in the back row cringe a little, but hey – you have to respect a Canadian treasure like this film, correct?

  4. I was always curious about this move but could never find the dvd at my purchase price point. So, I’ll be glad to see your review!

    • I am pretty curious myself! This will be the first and likely only time I will be experiencing a XXX feature in a theatre!

      If you are looking for some Bizarro, intriguing and well made XXX Cafe Flesh has definitely been the Pièce de résistance. I highly recommend checking it out. It has an apocalyptic/nuclear war theme and the best set pieces of all time…PLUS it stars the lovely and talented Michelle Bauer!

  5. The movie’s tagline reminds me of the tagline for Gayracula: “He’ll suck you dry.” lol

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