Goregirl’s Dungeon on TUMBLR

Continuing my Vancouver International Film Festival viewings with 3x3D this past Sunday and yesterday’s Halley. Today’s film is Oxbow Cure with the final film tomorrow You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. I’ll have a summary of my thoughts on my VIFF experience Thursday. I have been watching loads of Fassbinder and Doris Wishman films in the evening which has been a particular treat. Truth be told, thus far I have enjoyed my evening films far more than my VIFF choices. Also….I am now on TUMBLR!

Another Day Another Man

9 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on TUMBLR”

  1. eric keys Says:

    You’re not leaving WordPress, though, right? Not sure if I have the gumption to enter into another social media platform right now. I’ve barely begun to tweet!

    • Between seeing films at the Vancouver Film festival, moving and being on vacation I did not get as much written as I had intended, but I am definitely NOT leaving WordPress. Tumblr is just another unholy spawn of this blog. I watch tons of stuff I never review here so I’ll be posting pictures mainly for those films.

    • That guy drives me NUTS! He is always posting crazy cool crap like that and not tagging it. I spent a couple days trying to find out the origins of another image he had posted. I would REALLY like to know what that is myself!

  2. conradw58 Says:

    Very happy to read you’re enjoying the films of Doris Wishman! I’ve yet to see one of her films that wasn’t a ton of fun! There is something totally unique,sincere,and unpretentious about Wishman’s movies and many of the low budget films of the 1960’s in genres of all kinds. Glad you are having fun! 🙂

    • I REALLY am! By the way, I have now seen My Brother’s Wife and Sex Perils of Paulette. Indecent Desires has definitely been my favourite of the lot but Another Day, Another Man would rank as a very close second.

  3. I’ll be able to follow you on Tumblr now 🙂

  4. As a former television news reporter, I couldn’t help noticing Wishman’s frequent use of cutaways; I was impressed that she made sure she shot lots of cutaways in case she needed to use them to transition between shots, but then they seemed to intrude in the middle of shots so frequently that I began to wonder if she just shot so many that she felt it would be a shame not to use them. Of course cutaways are useful when you’re often dubbing in dialogue after the fact that you never shot the characters speaking in the first place.

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