Goregirl’s Dungeon at Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Halloween is coming and it is time to prepare that horror movie watchlist. For a ton of great underrated horror title suggestions Run Don’t Walk over to Rupert Pupkin Speaks! Check out my contribution and many more all month long!

Plague of the Zombies

7 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon at Rupert Pupkin Speaks”

  1. guess what…………remember the contest I won ?
    just tried to use the gift # and it is not valid
    made me crazy because criterion is having a flash sale

  2. omg……….one last try
    thanks !!!!

    • Excellent…I am VERY glad. Way to get the best for your Criterion buck. Whatcha buy?

      • well……….everything really great was sold out so I ended up with
        TRILOGY OF LIFE: Pasolini
        3 self-indulgent cupcakes from the past
        I have hulu-plus so I can watch most of the criterion collection
        they claim to have the entire collection but that is a lie
        THANKS SO MUCH…….!!!!

        • That sounds interesting! I need to check out more of Pasolini’s stuff; I’ve only seen two; Teorema and 120 Days of Sodom. Abel Ferrera is allegedly directing a docu-drama about Pasolini with Willem DaFoe playing Pasolini.

  3. I’ve enjoyed RUPERT PUPKIN SPEAKS since stumbling across it; glad to see you too hooked up!

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