Cronenberg on Cronenberg

I watched this excellent David Cronenberg interview/documentary last night that I highly recommend checking out. I recommend it so highly I am embedding it here to keep for prosperity. Thanks to Cinematographos for uploading this beauty! My only complaint is the interviewer is difficult to hear without turning the volume way the hell up. It matters little though as Mr. Cronenberg can be heard loud and clear and waxes nostalgic on everything from television and inspirations to psychoanalysis and working with Viggo Mortensen.

6 Responses to “Cronenberg on Cronenberg”

  1. Oooh. You really DO know how to entertain your guests, GG. Thanks much for this!

  2. Super wonderful post,Goregirl! The interview zips by so quickly. I love the way he talks about going to the movies as a kid. I often wish I had a time machine and so I could relive that movie going/watching magic at theaters,drive-ins or on TV, when I was a tyke. Anyway,fabulous interview! 🙂

    • I thought the whole TV vs Movies conversation was particularly interesting. Cronenberg is well-spoken and always interesting. I’ve seen dozens of interviews with the man but this one was especially informative. I am really glad you enjoyed it Conrad. Cheers!

  3. backlashcomix Says:

    What a great film-maker Cronenberg is, well worth watching and bringing to people’s attention.

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