GIF set for Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s 1989 film Tetsuo, the Iron Man; a freaky trip of a film about a metal fetishist. A cyberpunk classic and a personal favourite. I wrote a review for Tetuso in 2009, the first year of ye olde blog. It also made my top 10 list for 1989. Read my review for Tetsuo, the Iron Man here.


Tetsuo poster



The above image was taken from Genkinahito’s Blog who did a hell of a review for the 2012 Third Window Films release of Tetsuo, the Iron Man.




4 Responses to “Fun With GIFs: TETSUO, THE IRON MAN”

  1. Heh. I can recall having a conversation about this film ages ago with a guy who thought I was talking about AKIRA and kept correcting me because he hadn’t seen it. That was taken care of soon enough, though.

    I had this on a tape with the follow up and Hardware right after that (and THAT was a weird sci-fi/horror blend as well – not as good and strange, but innnnnteresting)…

    • I’ve never seen AKIRA. I love Tetsuo though, I thought the sequel was pretty neat too.

      Richard Stanley’s Hardware? I watched his films Hardware and Dust Devil when I did a 1990s horror feature at the beginning of this year and enjoyed both but especially Dust Devil.

  2. Great Gifs! Love the last two especially. Actually, you inspired me to create some now because this is the type of awesome and bizarre movie from which great Gifs are born.

    • Thanks Jason! I had to scrap about 10 sets. I collected 23 pics for one set; it hurt when that one did not work out. Using a video clip would definitely work better…and I think you should definitely do GIFs for this! I loved to see what you would choose.

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