GIFs for John Waters’ hysterically funny 1974 film Female Trouble. Absolutely one of my favourite John Waters’ films and one of my all-time favourite comedies of all time ever! Read my review here.


Dawn Davenport (Divine), Chicklette (Susan Walsh) and Concetta (Cookie Mueller) primping and smoking in the school bathroom.

“My parents are going to be real sorry if I don’t get those cha-cha heels. I asked and I better get!”


Dawn calls her baby daddy (also played by Divine) who wants nothing to do with her and her spawn.

“You’ll never get any money from me cow! Just cause you got those big udders don’t mean you’re something special!”


It’s hard out there for a woman pregnant and alone! Dawn gives birth and chews through the umbilical cord.


Enter Donald (David Lochary) and Donna Dasher (Mary Vivian Pearce) owners of the Lipstick Salon.


“Look happy”
“Look horrified at what you’ve done to your daughter.”
“Look like you just won a prize.”


Aunt Ida (Edith Massey); the Davenports new “pet”.

“You little bitch let me out of this goddamn birdcage!”


Dawn struts her stuff.


I really wanted to get a better picture of Taffy (Mink Stole); but this was the only one that turned out. Taffy with Dawn and Gater (Michael Potter)

“She can’t help it she’s retarded.”
“I am not retarded!”
“Oh yes you are Taffy. I had you tested when you were a little girl. A staff of doctors examined you and maybe the reason you don’t remember is that they told me you are most definitely retarded.”

6 Responses to “Fun With GIFs: FEMALE TROUBLE”

  1. REALLY WILD !!!!!!!!!!

  2. conradw58 Says:

    I love your John Waters GIF for Female Trouble so freaking(toned down G rated version of the F bomb),that I could…well,you know…:D So cool,Goregirl,just like you! All the John Waters films with Divine are classics!

    • The power of Waters compelled me! The power of Waters compelled me! The power of Waters compelled me! Female Trouble is particularly special so I chose it first but there will definitely be more Waters GIFS in the future 🙂 Thanks Conrad…glad you enjoyed them.

  3. This film looks absolutely horrific. Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s films don’t make me as fearful as these Gifs… 0_o

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