Fun With GIFs: Spider Baby (Part 2)

No! There is not a sequel to Spider Baby you did not know about! This is the sequel to my first set of GIFs posted last week which focused on the ladies of Spider Baby. This week’s GIF set focuses on the men of Spider Baby. Oh yeah, and there is also an owl. I am not aware of the owl’s sex. Hoot. Hoot.


Lawyer Mr. Schlocker snoops around the Merrye residence and passes by a number of mounted stuffed birds. He enters a room and sees a stuffed owl and moves his flashlight to what he thinks is another stuffed owl.


Ralph has just arrived back home after a ride with Bruno. Ralph is played by the great Sid Haig!


Bruno has a talk with Elizabeth and Virginia after finding the mailman dead. Bruno is played by genre legend Lon Chaney Jr.


Ralph sees the dead mailman.


Dinner with the Merrye’s.


Poor Bruno! These “children” are going to be the death of him!


Virginia plays a game of Spider with a most uncomfortable looking Uncle Peter. Uncle Peter is played by the handsome Quinn K. Redeker.

5 Responses to “Fun With GIFs: Spider Baby (Part 2)”

  1. conradw58 Says:

    Fun,fun,fun,Goregirl! I always thought Lon Chaney Jr was underappreciated. I’ve never seen him give a lousy performance. Sid Haig is another favorite. Quinn K. Redeker is quite wonderful in this as well! Off the theme just a bit,but I was saddened to read that Jill Banner was killed by a drunk driver in 1982 at the young age of 35. 😦 I saw Spider Baby at the drive-in under the title The Liver Eaters!

    • The Liver Eaters!! Ha! That is too funny!! I didn’t know that! 35 is far too young. She really is so perfect in Spider Baby!

  2. Very nice!!

    • Thanks Isaac! I figured out how to convert jpg/pngs more cleanly which seems to have helped matters considerably.

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