August Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Nymphos, Cowboys & Zombies


It is all about William Castle up here (down here?) in the Dungeon right now as I work diligently to get my Castle posts completed prior to the event. There is so much I want to cover in August I am not entirely sure where to begin! I have several films sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be watched including Avant Garde: Volume 2 – Experimental Cinema 1928-1954, Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Something Weird (1967), Peter Fonda’s The Hired Hand (1971), Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker (1979), Stephen Sayadian’s Cafe Flesh (1982), Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Querelle (1982) & Whity (1971), Jesús Franco’s Sinner: Diary of a Nymphomaniac (1971) & Attack of the Robots (1966), Don Jones & Mikel Angel’s The Love Butcher (1975), Jan Nemec’s A Report on the Party and the Guests (1966), Alain Robbe-Grillet’s Playing with Fire (1975), Curtis Harrington’s TV Movie How Awful About Allan (1970), Joel Denning & Frank Lama’s Swarm of the Snakehead (2006) and last but certainly not least John Paizs’ Canadian curio Crime Wave (1985). Whether the aforementioned films get reviews will depend on how much I enjoy them. The past few years August has been zombie month in anticipation of The Vancouver Zombie Walk but I am going to bail on that idea this year. I will still be participating in the walk and it goes without saying there will be photographic proof of my attendance. There will definitely be a review for Walerian Borowczyk’s naughty and entertaining Dr. Jekyll and His Women (1981) and more entries in the Favourite Five Series. But for now, back to William Castle…


3 Responses to “August Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Nymphos, Cowboys & Zombies”

  1. Wow… I saw Cafe Flesh here in NYC back during its short run and again on tape as an edited version (I think that one popped up on cable as well, but I’m not sure). It’s too bad Liquid Sky is so hard to find, as that would be a great double feature to check out…

    • goregirl Says:

      I had Liquid Sky on VHS and hadn’t seen it in years…but watched it a month or two ago on YouTube. Totally forgot Paula Sheppard from Alice Sweet Alice was in it!

      • Ah-a! THAT’S why she seemed so familiar. Every time I saw Liquid Sky I kept wondering where I’d seen that crazy gal before. I bet Alice Sweet Alice pops up on cable within a month here – that stuff always seems to happen when I start thinking of certain films…

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