Dear Ms. Fenster, Please excuse Goregirl from School today…

Dear Ms. Fenster,

Please excuse Goregirl from school today. On her way to babysit the Mannering children last night she met a puppeteer named Malcolm Shanks; neither have been seen since. We are not only concerned for her well-being, but the well-being of Mr. Shanks. Goregirl has not been herself lately. She has been suffering from terrible nightmares. Nightmares so vivid she is having difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality. She has had moments that border on Homicidal. The other day she broke in to and vandalized a flower shop for no apparent reason. The timing could not be worse as her mother is being released in a few days after being institutionalized in an asylum for twenty years. We are optimistic we will find her soon.

Best Regards,
Baron Sardonicus

2 Responses to “Dear Ms. Fenster, Please excuse Goregirl from School today…”

  1. I would have stood up and screamed with panic but I’m stuck in this wheelchair and can only communicate with a metal door knob that I use to tap out messages. Just goes to show you that you can’t trust puppeteers. Even the ones who have skeletons who push innocent babes into boiling vats of acid. I hope Goregirl will recover herself soon- we need her brilliance for the upcoming Blog-O-thon this Monday- sincerely Helga

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