13 Sleeps Until the William Castle Blogathon


I have been counting down the number of sleeps to an event I am excited about since I was a kid. This evening marks 13 sleeps until day one of The William Castle Blogathon (hosted by Jo over at The last Drive In & me)! When I think 13 I think William Castle! Mr. Castle was so fond of the number 13 he included it in the title of two of his films; 13 Ghosts and 13 Frightened Girls! One of my contributions to the event is a post I am calling Fun with GIFs: The William Castle Edition. So to celebrate 13 sleeps until The William Castle Blogathon here are two early GIFs for Mr. Castle’s 13 Ghosts.



Barry at Cinematic Catharsis will be reviewing 13 Ghosts (1960) and Heather Drain at Mondo Heather will be reviewing 13 Frightened Girls! (1963) to see a list of all the contributors click here. I will have one more update post before the blogathon begins with a schedule of each day’s events.

Step right up! I’d like to bring your attention to the newest side banner created by David at My Kind of Story.


And last but not least…the results for the What is your favourite William Castle horror film? poll…

And the winner is…
House on Haunted Hill (1959) 10 votes (33%)

13 Ghosts (1960) 5 votes (17%)
The Tingler (1959) 4 votes (13%)
Straight-Jacket (1964) 4 votes (13%)
Mr. Sardonicus (1961) 2 votes (7%)
The Night Walker (1964) 2 votes (7%)
Homicidal (1961) 1 vote (3%)
The Old Dark House (1963) 1 vote (3%)
Shanks (1974) 1 vote (3%)
Macabre (1958) 0 (0%)
Zotz! (1962) 0 (0%)
13 Frightened Girls! (1963) 0 (0%)
I Saw What You Did (1965) 0 (0%)
Let’s Kill Uncle (1966) 0 (0%)
The Spirit is Willing (1967) 0 (0%)

6 Responses to “13 Sleeps Until the William Castle Blogathon”

  1. This is so exciting!!!! I can just about feel my spine seizing up and me about to let out an immortal scream to wake the buried alive!- Bill would have a grimace from ear to ear if he could see all this ballyhoo- Thank you Thank you for bringing your Goregirl style to this amazing event- So glad we’re partners in crime on this one!-MonsterGirl

    • goregirl Says:

      I’m thrilled from my head to my toes to be your partner in crime on this Castle blogathon! I am DEEP into Castle! I’ve watched Shanks, It’s a Small World, The Night Walker, The Tingler and Bug in the last week. Scrolled through Homicidal and made the best Emily gif ever! I am really rolling…unfortunately it is making it difficult to concentrate on other movie stuff for ye old blog but it sure is fun!

  2. […] Goregirl’s 13 Sleeps until the William Castle Blogathon!!! […]

  3. Was very tempted by this one, but vaca got in the way!

    • goregirl Says:

      You couldn’t have re-booked that vacation? Enjoy! I’m jealous…I have to wait until the end of September for my vacation 😉

  4. It was tough to pick a favorite from that list because I love ALL of those films! Castle’s life became rather sad after working as producer on Rosemary’s Baby,and that always bums me out. He was a master showman and one of my favorite directors!

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