Fun with GIFs: The Telephone Book

Screenshot from 2013-07-05 22:22:17The ginchy bird above is Alice played by Sarah Kennedy in Nelson Lyon’s 1971 film The Telephone Book. Sarah Kennedy is adorable! Alice receives a most satisfying dirty phone call and seeks to find the man behind it. He divulges his name is John Smith and dares her to find him in the telephone book. She meets all manner of interesting folk on her journey including a porn director by the name of Har Poon. The image set I chose is from the orgasmic finale. I mean orgasmic quite literally as the film ends with the mother of all orgasms complete with animation sequence as illustrated below. The Telephone Book is a slick-looking, funny entertaining flick!

Check out Vinegar Syndrome’s trailer for The Telephone Book

Check out My Kind of Story’s Tumblr post for The Telephone Book here.
The Telephone Book000000The Telephone Book000The Telephone Book00

5 Responses to “Fun with GIFs: The Telephone Book”

  1. Only one word for above…WOW

    • goregirl Says:

      A bawdy romp this thing…I really enjoyed it! The animation sequence as you can see is quite wackadoodle!

  2. Gotta see this one! AND,I can “like” your posts again! Woohoo!!!! : )

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