Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Mink Stole – Female Trouble

Mink Stole – Female Trouble with images from John  Waters’ 1974 film Female Trouble. Mink Stole and her Wonderful Band from the album Do Re MINK. You can buy Ms. Stole’s album here.

2 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Mink Stole – Female Trouble”

  1. I love this movie and song! For some reason I can no longer “like” your posts.I think maybe it’s because I do not write a blog(I’m bewildered all the time in “real life” but that doesn’t count),but I am a rabid Goregirl fan! Please know I LOVE ALL YOUR POSTS and always will! : )

    • goregirl Says:

      You are being shut out because you don’t have a blog?…What the hell is up with that?! Maybe it is a temporary kink…if not…well that sucks! I appreciate your support of what I do here nonetheless! While Divine is of course…irreplaceable Mink’s version of Female Trouble put a big smile on my face!

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