Goregirl’s Going to DOXA!


That’s right! I will be attending DOXA Documentary Film Festival (May 3 – 12)! This is Doxa’s 12th year and boasts 74 screenings; five of which I will be attending. Here are the five documentaries I chose…

Director: Jeffrey Schwarz

Taken from IMDB: How Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead, became John Waters’ cinematic muse and an international drag icon.

Directed By: James Franco & Travis Mathews

Taken from IMDB: Filmmakers James Franco and Travis Mathews re-imagine the lost 40 minutes from Cruising as a starting point to a broader exploration of sexual and creative freedom.

Directed By: Ryan White

Taken from IMDB: Good Ol’ Freda tells the story of Freda Kelly, a shy Liverpudlian teenager asked to work for a young local band hoping to make it big: the Beatles. As the Beatles’ fame multiplies, Freda bears witness to music and cultural history but never exploits her insider access. Their loyal secretary from beginning to end, Freda finally tells her tales for the first time in 50 years. Written by Anonymous. There was no trailer for this one; you can check out the official website here.


Directed By: Tom Donahue

Taken from IMDB: The surprising, never-before-told tale of the indispensable yet unsung Casting Director – Iconoclasts whose keen eye, exquisite taste and gut instincts redefined Hollywood.

Directed By: Sophie Fiennes

Taken from IMDB: The sequel to The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema sees the reunion of brilliant philosopher Slavoj Zizek with filmmaker Sophie Fiennes, now using their inventive interpretation of moving pictures to examine ideology – the collective fantasies that shape our beliefs and practices. Written by P Guide.

5 Responses to “Goregirl’s Going to DOXA!”

  1. Nice! Looks like it’ll be a good time. I’ve yet to go to anything like this, but I’m hoping to go to the horror festival this Halloween.

    • goregirl Says:

      Film festivals are fun. Sometimes the director shows up! It is an opportunity to see foreign and independent films on the big screen that you might not be able to see otherwise.

  2. I so wish I could be there…it looks very interesting….have fun…let us know if you meet any big wigs or little wigs for that matter walking around the festival …:)

  3. […] It was a helluva fun weekend of movie watching! I also went to two documentaries as part of my DOXA experience; Casting By and Perverts Guide to Ideology. Wine was drank. It was a good […]

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