Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Riz Ortolani – Beat Fuga Shake

More and more and more soundtrack music! Music from Sergio Grieco’s 1967 film Tiffany Memorandum. Riz Ortolani – Beat Fuga Shake with a spot the J&B slideshow.

4 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Riz Ortolani – Beat Fuga Shake”

  1. I can’t do justice in words how much I enjoy your You Tube channel and blog ,Gore Girl! A great potpourri of music and reviews! Super cool score to a fun movie. My love for the Eurospy genre began(surprise,surprise)in the 1960’s. I’ve seen over 100 James Bond clones from Italy. Lots of nifty spy movie soundtracks!

    • goregirl Says:

      Thanks Conrad. Once again, NOT seen the movie. Shame! Not crazy about how it ends all quiet like that…but LOVE this track otherwise. I could fill the YouTube channel with nothing but European soundtracks. Acutally I really need some Spanish stuff and my friend David has gotten that awesome Jewel Thief track stuck in my head and I think I need to have that too! http://youtu.be/r_kXRMd7y74

  2. This track appears in the PC game ‘GTA: London 1969’ (released 1999) but in a slightly other version. Some instruments/parts seems to be replaced especially the drums that makes this track superior to the original one IMHO. Sadly the GTA-version is dubbed with pseudo radio moderator voice. Does anybody knows from where this version is or where I can get the song without those voice?

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