basement screams

What? Another guest post? You bet! I am making it a hat-trick with this contribution for Basement Screams; GoreGirl Enters The Forbidden Zone. Thanks for having the Dungeon in the Basement Murphy!

Here are a couple of the insane musical numbers from the film

ABC Alphabet Song

Witch’s Egg

4 Responses to “Guest Post at BASEMENT SCREAMS”

  1. conradw58 Says:

    Another fantastic “guest review”! I like this truly zonked out movie a lot! Susan Tyrell is wonderful,and I am somewhat heartbroken that Marie-Pascale Elfman made only two films because she is quite delightful in this. I love the ABC Alphabet song!

  2. The alphabet song is the greatest thing ever! Thanks again for the review, you’re welcome in the basement any time!

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