SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS (1965) – The Dungeon Photo Review!

Among my small but beloved collection of books is Desperate Visions: The Journal of Alternative Cinema. Volume one Camp America covers John Waters and George and Mike Kuchar. I had bought the book for John Waters who I was utterly obsessed with at the time. I have probably had this book on my shelf for twenty years! Since reading it many moons ago it has been my intention to check out the films of the Kuchars! Why am I only getting to it now? I have no answer for that. Thus far I have only seen Sins of the Fleshapoids which I followed up with a documentary about the Kuchars called It Came from Kuchar; a seriously entertaining look at the brothers. I absolutely can not wait to check out more of their short films!

Mike Kuchar’s 8mm, 40ish minute long film is simple and made on the cheap with no dialog. The film is narrated by Bob Cowan accompanied by some quirky, melodramatic music and dialog bubbles to convey conversation. Sins of the Fleshapoids is a film that I feel I can not really justify with my words so I am letting its images speak for themselves. This photo review is more or less spoiler free; so if you want to know how it all turns out you will have to watch it…and I highly recommend you do!

Fleshapoids are man-created robots made up of an entanglement of wires and circuits with shells that resemble human flesh; hence the name Fleshapoids. The Fleshapoids have been in existence for 20,000 years and lived through a nuclear war that killed just about everything on earth. The humans that now inhabit the earth have become children of nature and do nothing to further their intellect indulging only on the fruits of the earth and are tended to by the Fleshapoids. Some of the Fleshapoids however were left in the wild to fend for themselves too long and developed senses. Some of these Fleshapoids no longer wish to do their human master’s bidding…

sins of the fleshapoids2

sins of the fleshapoids1
Ernie is enjoying an ice-cream cone…

sins of the fleshapoids31
…while his lover Princess Vivianna admires her beauty and her glitter-laden hair!

sins of the fleshpoids6
Xar is a Fleshapoid who yearns to be free of his master.

sins of the fleshpoids7
His master is dead!

sins of the fleshpoids9
Playing music for the lovers.

sins of the fleshpoids11
Princess Vivianna plays with her lover on the upper floor of the castle as her husband Prince Gianbeno awaits her arrival to dinner.

sins of the fleshpoids12
“I must join my husband for dinner.”

sins of the fleshpoids14
“Gianbeno my beloved!”

sins of the fleshpoids13
“Vivianna my beloved!”

sins of the fleshpoids16
Meanwhile…after killing his master Xar has come to the Castle of the Prince to fetch his Fleshapoid love Malenka.

sins of the fleshpoids17
“Let us now make love!”

sins of the fleshpoids18
Prince Gianbeno asks Vivianna about her missing necklace and insists on going upstairs to retrieve it for her. Oh NO!

sins of the fleshapoids32
Vivianna rushes up ahead of Gianbeno desperate to hide her lover and pushes Gianbeno down the staircase.

sins of the fleshpoids19
Ernie and Vivianna attempt to escape but when her jewels fall to the floor Ernie insists they stop to collect them.

sins of the fleshpoids20
“Who do you love? Me or my jewels?”

sins of the fleshpoids22
Meanwhile Xar and Malenka make love and are caught in a tender embrace by the Prince.

sins of the fleshpoids23
Fleshapoids can not love!

sins of the fleshpoids24
The castle is alight with Fleshapoid love!

sins of the fleshpoids25
The End.

Dungeon Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Mike Kuchar

Starring: Bob Cowan, George Kuchar, Donna Kerness, Maren Thomas, Gina Zuckerman, Julius Middleman

20 Responses to “SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS (1965) – The Dungeon Photo Review!”

  1. “Sins Of The Fleshapoids” (1965) can currently be viewed at:

    “It Came From Kuchar” (2009) can be viewed here:

    Here are some recommended Kuchar titles I watched over the weekend:

    “The Secret of Wendel Samson” (1966, Mike Kuchar):

    “The Craven Sluck” (1967, Mike Kuchar):

    “Hold Me While I’m Naked” (1966, George Kuchar):

  2. conradw58 Says:

    Super cool review,Gore Girl! This is the only Kuchar brothers film I’ve seen as well(on You Tube no less!). I found it VERY entertaining! More fun than many recent mega buck science fiction films of recent years.

    • conradw58 Says:

      P.S. I can’t believe I said recent twice in the same sentence! I’m not sure what happened there! : )

    • goregirl Says:

      Hahaha! I loved this film! That ending just killed me! The documentary got me even more hyped about seeing their stuff. David posted some links for other stuff you can watch online. I’m just about to watch The Craven Sluck!

      • conradw58 Says:

        I will be watching all those films that David posted links for,too! : )

        • Be sure to especially check out Craven Sluck and Wendel Samson. They appropriately accompany the DVD release of Sins of the Fleshapoids ( Both are great.

          I also found Mike Kuchar’s “Born of the Wind” (1961) available to rent thru Netflix on “Experiments in Terror 3” (2008).

          • conradw58 Says:

            I watched Craven Sluck and Wendel Sampson last night. Great stuff! Thanks for those links,David! I recall reading about the Kuchar brothers in 1970’s and 80’s fanzines but had never been able to see any of their films until now. It was worth the wait!

          • goregirl Says:

            Well done! I have now seen Hold me While I’m Naked and Craven Sluck and enjoyed the heck out of both…did prefer Craven…although neither tops Sins…Loving the Kuchars!

  3. I like this!!

  4. That looks… amazing.

    • goregirl Says:

      Seriously one of a kind! Watch the doc It Came from Kuchar on Hulu…they have it streaming…John Waters, Guy Maddin and Atom Agoyan are in it amoung others…and if it doesn’t get you hyped to see some Kuchar stuff than my name ain’t Goregirl (um…well my name is in fact NOT Goregirl…but don’t let that stop you from seeing it)!watch/188227

  5. […] From Kuchar. A highly recommended documentary you can check out here (also check out my review for Sins of The Fleshapoids and My Kind of Story’s tumbler post of Mike Kuchar screen captures). I have enjoyed the hell […]

  6. […] I rectify this issue I would be forever grateful! Below are GIFs for Mike Kuchar’s 1965 film SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS. Don’t forget to click on the […]

  7. What a wonderful commentary and introduction..I am impressed and happy…I am sure George would be too.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I have seen several of Mike and George’s films since this post and have acquired a massive appreciation and love for their work. And Ms. Kerness, I would be amiss if I did not mention your appearance in these gems is always a highlight! I hope I was able to get people excited about Sins; the primary goal of my blog is to give films I love the exposure I believe they deserve.

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