This should have been a review for The Honeymoon Killers, but I am afraid you will have to wait (with what I am sure will be bated breath) until Monday. I started doing some maintenance last night. First priority was compiling my 1990s lists for my sidebar. The second priority was IMDB. I have been seriously neglecting my IMDB profile; I had intended to post a list each month. Well, that certainly hasn’t happen so I added a list of my favourite films of the 1960s. I figured since I was there I would post the 1990s too. Next thing I knew it was midnight which is why you are not reading a review for The Honeymoon Killers. Now go have yourselves a goretastic weekend!




Goregirl’s Favourite Horror Films of the 1960s

Goregirl’s Favourite Horror Films of the 1990s


  1. conradw58 Says:

    Enjoyed reading over your lists,and look forward to your thoughts on The Honeymoon Killers! Wishing you a gorily grand weekend,too!

    • goregirl Says:

      Thanks for the weekend good wishes! It is sunny here today after many days of rain and clouds…hoping this good weather vibe continues through the weekend! Cheers!

  2. I registered with IMDB to help provide reviews for Japanese films but never got around to it… I like the sidebar.

    • goregirl Says:

      Gory Friday Greetings Jason! I have apparently been a member of IMDB since 2000?! It was LONG past due to get that in gear.

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