Criterion Contest Announcement

In the name of transparency this video is grossly over long. I literally note every person who entered, how many entries they had, and individually fold up each of those entries. This video is intended only for those who entered the contest; every one else should avoid (unless you like to be bored out of your freaking mind!). Pull the bar to 15:00 to find out who won the contest.

12 Responses to “Criterion Contest Announcement”

  1. Damn Stupid Computer Security at my workplace wont let me play YOUTUBE videos here at work …gotta wait till I get home…. well good luck to me. till I find out…Either way thanks GG

    • goregirl Says:

      Sorry you had to wait in suspense all afternoon Philip…I am guessing you know by now that you were not the lucky winner.

      • Lol…. I did find out I was not a winner before I saw the video after work through the comments by others but I went ahead and watched the video anyways…I was thoroughly entertained by it…you brought a smile to my face….:) thank you GG…love your dedication to the craft…that is not lost on those who follow you…stay well

  2. Congratulations to Multiple Michael! I really enjoy your reviews and talking with you,Gore Girl,hence all my comments! : ) Thanks so much for the nice mention on the video! It doesn’t matter that I didn’t win because,it was fun entering the contest. I think you’re great and cool,and always will! Love your tee shirt and picking the winner out of a pot!

    • goregirl Says:

      Thanks for your support Conrad…it is much appreciated!

      When I was on vacation in Toronto there was a place that had Russ Meyers t-shirts 3 for $19…how could I pass that up?!

  3. WOW !!!
    i feel like i just won an oscar
    it was fun watching the whole contest winner video
    when you said my name i melted
    i’m five miles past “HAPPY”
    really enjoy reading all your reviews
    and your videos
    i appreciate your talent and stamina
    thanks so much

  4. Congrats, Michael. “You lucky bastard.” 😉 … Thanks for the opportunity, GG!

  5. Wait… you need a non-witch hat.

  6. MorriconeFan Says:

    The suspense killed me! And then when you picked the winner and said “M…” I thought I had conquered the Universe. But it wasn’t to be *Boo Hoo Hoo* “I’ll get you next time Penelope Pitstop, next time …” aka MorriconeGeek

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