Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Django – Luis Bacalov & Rocky Roberts (English Version)

Django – Rocky Roberts & Luis Bacalov with a Franco Nero slideshow…because Nero will always be my Django! This song puts a big old stupid grin on my face. I love you 60s/70s Franco Nero! “Django, have you always been alone?”

12 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Django – Luis Bacalov & Rocky Roberts (English Version)”

  1. I have just discovered the Django movies, and the first one I saw was The Strangers Gundown with Anthony Steffen…which Franco Nero ones do you recommend?

    • As far as I know, Nero is only in two, the original 1966 Django which I LOVE and a 1987 sequel Django 2 which was a bit sketchy (but I didn’t hate it). My other favourite Nero western is Keoma. I like Terence Hill almost as much as I like Nero…and really enjoyed Django Prepare a Coffin, There is even a horror Django which was on my top ten favourites from 1967; Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!

  2. I love this song and soundtrack,too,and Franco Nero is my favorite Django as well. Have you seen Nero in Il Terzo Occhio(The Third Eye) from 1966? It’s on You Tube as Il Terzo Occhio,but not subtitled. It’s a black and white chiller with Nero quite great as a mad killer. Joe D’Amato’s Blue Holocaust is pretty much a remake. The Wild Wild Planet and The Tramplers are two more films with Franco Nero I like a lot.

    • That is so funny you mentioned that! I watched The Third Eye on YouTube during 60s month and enjoyed it…IN ITALIAN!! Obviously didn’t understand all of it so did not put it on my list…would love to see it one day with subtitles!! The Fifth Cord is a big favourite of mine, I also love Keoma and Hitch-hike!

      • That is funny. I wonder if we were watching on the same day?! hahaha Yes,a subtitled version would be great! I like Franco Nero in everything! He’s always good. Nero isn’t in the film,but I was hoping Killer Without A Face(Assassino Senza Volto)from 1968 would be on You Tube,but alas,it’s not. I had it on VHS in Italian,but sold the VHS when I left Pennsylvania. A real “duh” move on my part!

  3. Franco Nero was SO gorgeous!! Hubba hubba!

  4. Crazy Goblin Says:

    Franco Nero is the one and only Django, thou shalt not have other Djangos beside him (spaghetti western rule no.10)

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