Angelo Badalamenti – The Other Side of the Mirror (from The Comfort of Strangers)

Angelo Badalamenti – The Other Side of the Mirror. Music and images from Paul Schrader’s 1990 film The Comfort of Strangers. Track from the Angelo Badalamenti compilation Music for Film and Television.

5 Responses to “Angelo Badalamenti – The Other Side of the Mirror (from The Comfort of Strangers)”

  1. Your post reminds me how good this movie was/is,and how much I enjoyed the music. It’s outside the 1990’s theme,but I like Badalamenti’s score for another Paul Schrader film,the excellent Auto Focus,about the strange life and sad end of actor Bob Crane.

    • The Comfort of Strangers is a good film but I don’t know how I feel about the ending. I do enjoy me some Walken. I liked Auto Focus a lot; I didn’t know a thing about Bob Crane before this film. Is his death still unsolved?

      • I know what you mean about the ending. For me, it knocked the film from excellent to good. I’m a big fan of Walken,too! Sadly,the murder of Bob Crane remains unsolved. The investigators really blew it. Evidence was handled poorly.Based on what I’ve read and the film, I always felt John Carpenter(wish he had a different name) killed Crane.

        • Forgot to mention that years later Carpenter was charged with Crane’s murder,yet was aquitted despite the fact Crane’s blood was found in Carpenter’s rental car,and his actions after the murder were discribed as “bizarre”.Carpenter maintained his innocence until his death in 1998.

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