Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Danny Elfman – Dolores Claiborne – End Credits

I completely forgot I owned Danny Elfman’s 2-cd compilation Music for a Darkened Theatre. I am not in love with this score but it fit with the 90s theme; so here it is…

Music & images from Taylor Hackford’s 1995 film Dolores Claiborne. Music by Danny Elfman – End Credits for the film.

5 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Danny Elfman – Dolores Claiborne – End Credits”

  1. i love the film, “dolores claiborne” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    truckloads of everything…….fantastic kathy bates

    • To be honest, I barely remember this film. I think the last and only time I seen Dolores Claiborne was when it was new at the theatre. I will definitely need to revisit the film before I could review it or put it on a top ten list. And I agree…Bates is fantastic!

  2. Danny Elfman is an amazing talent. I most likely hadn’t really acknowledged his work until I read the credits for Beetlejuice (many years ago) but was then suprised at how much work he has done that I like.

    • I have mixed feelings about Elfman. His Edward Scissorhands score is the perfect accompaniment for the film, and same would go for Beetlejuice. In fact I would say most of his scores work in the context of the film. To be honest though, I have tried to listen to this compilation through a few times and just can not do it. I find it tedious listening to several of his scores back to back.

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