Scream – Trouble in Woodsboro (Music & Images from the film)

I thought I would attempt to post some soundtrack music from the 1990s but I have shit all in my collection! This was literally the one and only piece of music from the decade that I had not posted previously. I do not actually own the soundtrack to Scream, this ditty was from a horror compilation. Music & Images from Wes Craven’s 1996 film Scream. Music by Marco Beltrami.

4 Responses to “Scream – Trouble in Woodsboro (Music & Images from the film)”

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I have not seen any of the Scream films,and I do consider myself a Wes Craven fan. I think my only 1990’s horror movie soundtrack is part of a compilation as well,but I’ll be dipped if I can remember what it is! Lost somewhere in my dusty crypt.

    • The first SCREAM is quite fun and clever, the second SCREAM is redundant but not intolerable, the third SCREAM is repugnant! Have not bothered with the 4th and likely never will. Read some favourable reviews but just really don’t much see the point in it.

  2. The music from Scream was more meh but the following video with Sudden Death had great music!

    • Agreed…not a great score at all…and double agree Carlo Cordio’s score for Aenigma (although not a great film) is much much more interesting!

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