Goregirl’s Twelve Days of Christmas (Horror Movie Edition) Infographic

I have been working on a project with friend and fellow blogger John over at TDYLF (The Droid You’re Looking For). I watched twelve Christmas-themed horror films and John created this magnificent infographic with the data. I highly recommend checking out John’s sweet spot on the web! John is the Edgar Wright of infographics, the Stephen Chow of Stick Figures and an all around funny fecking guy! SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX THANKS JOHN!

Click on the image to make it big…


4 Responses to “Goregirl’s Twelve Days of Christmas (Horror Movie Edition) Infographic”

  1. AWESOME!!

    • Thanks Isaac…actually, hold on…I didn’t do this! But thanks anyway! Sure wish I had the graphics know-how to do something like this myself!

  2. That is really cool.

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