If It Doesn’t Snow On Christmas – Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci sings If it Doesn’t Snow on Christmas! I’ve included a slideshow of Joe Pesci images, because really, nothing says Merry fucking Christmas quite like a slideshow of Joe Pesci images!

6 Responses to “If It Doesn’t Snow On Christmas – Joe Pesci”

  1. Hahahaha that’s great.
    Man, Joe Pesci scares the crap out of me. I’m like two feet taller than him and I’m still terrified. This singing just confirms that. It ain’t just Goodfellas either. Terrifying but hilarious. I remember him censoring himself in HOME ALONE because that was a kids’ movie.

    • Hahaha…Yep. Mr. Pesci is bad-ass no doubt about it! Just about the last person I would expect to hear singing a freaking xmas carol!

  2. Bunch of reform school brats! Classic. Merry fuckin’ Christmas, ya mooks.

  3. Pesci’s performance in JFK was chilling 0_o

    • I haven’t seen JFK for years and don’t even remember Pesci being in it. I do enjoy Pesci bashing the living crap outta guys though!

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