Who Is Your Favourite HORROR Director Of The 60s? RESULTS!

Last week I asked you who your favourite 1960s horror film director was. There were 33 votes and a real mixed bag too. Only four directors of the nineteen I listed received no votes. The winner with six votes was Mario Bava right behind him was George A. Romero with five votes and Alfred Hitchcock rounded out the top three with four votes. Here is how the rest of the votes came in…

Mario Bava 18.18% (6 votes)
George A. Romero 15.15% (5 votes)
Alfred Hitchcock 12.12% (4 votes)
William Castle 9.09% (3 votes)
Robert Wise 9.09% (3 votes)
Roman Polanski 6.06% (2 votes)
Terence Fisher 6.06% (2 votes)
Roger Corman 3.03% (1 vote)
Jess Franco 3.03% (1 vote)
Sidney Hayers 3.03% (1 vote)
Ishirô Honda 3.03% (1 vote)
Herschell Gordon Lewis 3.03% (1 vote)
José Mojica Marins 3.03% (1 vote)
Michael Reeves 3.03% (1 vote)
Kaneto Shindô 3.03% (1 vote)
Freddie Francis 0% (0 votes)
John Gilling 0% (0 votes)
Antonio Margheriti 0% (0 votes)
John Llewellyn Moxey 0% (0 votes)

Tomorrow I will post my Top 10 Favourite Horror Films from 1969; the final year of the decade!

7 Responses to “Who Is Your Favourite HORROR Director Of The 60s? RESULTS!”

  1. I am happy to see Mario Bava pick up the win! I admire each director on your list,but Bava stands out in this decade because every horror film he directed in the 1960’s I feel is a freaking GREAT movie! Danger Diabolik is pretty awesome in it’s own right,too! I revisit the films of Mario Bava often! : )

  2. Marioooooooooo!
    For me, as well as master for entertainment, it is also an example for the direction and cinematography!

  3. I see I was the only one to vote for Kaneto Shindo!

    Go Japan! 😉

    • I consider Romero a favourite director but he only contributed one film to the 60s…it is a freaking masterpiece though…I’ll give ya that! And Hitchcock…yeah…master of “suspense” not horror…but again had two undeniably brilliant contributions. Now Shindo…well he made a lot of films in the 60s but like Hitchcock he only made a couple genre contributions. Shindo’s two horror films are freaking perfect! Personally my choice would have been Bava. But I was happy to see at least a little love for Japan with your Shindo nod and who ever chose Honda! Yep…Go Japan Go! I owe you a Perfect Blue review! 🙂

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