Who Is Your Favourite HORROR Director Of The 60s?

Last week I cruelly asked you to choose between Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Lee is intense-sexy-evil and Cushing is charismatic-cool-collectiveness and both are fecking awesome! If nothing else this silly poll is a testimonial to the fact that these two men are equally admired horror movie icons. Here are the results…

Peter Cushing = 11 votes

Christopher Lee = 10 votes

Today I ask you who your favourite 1960s horror film director is. I included a slot for “other” as I couldn’t possibly include every last director who made a film during the decade!

***Tomorrow I will post my list for 1966! Next week I’ll have the top ten lists for 1967, 68 and 69 and results for this poll! Stay tuned!***

12 Responses to “Who Is Your Favourite HORROR Director Of The 60s?”

  1. I’m a huge fan of each director on your list,and I had to ponder a bit,but I did cast a vote this time!

  2. I actually voted this time and I’m the only one who voted for the chap… I was tempted to go for Romero…

  3. MorriconeFreak Says:

    It’s gotta be Hitchcock. Brought horror films into the mainstream. Whether that was good or bad for them though, well, that’s another question for another day …

  4. Are we discussing favorite director judged just by their work in the 60s?

    • Yep…just their 60s stuff.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Romero was almost dropped off my short-list due to his recent output. But his first one is a classic. I had to go with Castle though, as I don’t feel he gets the credit he deserves for often making sub-par scripts interesting.

  5. My first instinct is to go with Hitchcock. But I think of him as suspense more than horror. Then there’s William Castle, who was cool as hell… but doesn’t feel like a “best” type of choice.

    I ended up going with Romero. It’s tough to top Romero.

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