Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Ennio Morricone (Le Professionnel) & Fabio Frizzi (Manhattan Baby)

Just posted on YouTube…

Music and images from Georges Lautner’s 1981 film Le Professionnel. Music by Ennio Morricone.

Music and images from Lucio Fulci’s 1982 film Manhattan Baby. Music by Fabio Frizzi.

5 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Ennio Morricone (Le Professionnel) & Fabio Frizzi (Manhattan Baby)”

  1. Two great soundtrack selections. Fabio Frizzi is one of my favorite movie music guys,but then I can listen to a slew of those Italian film score fellows!

    • Can not get enough of the Italian masters! Morricone has done a lot more non-Italian soundtracks than I realized, especially North American. I almost picked up a Morricone compilation I seen at a used cd place but it didn’t have much Italian stuff…still contemplating it though.

      • It’s amazing how many soundtracks Morricone has done. I like some of his non Italian scores like The Untouchables and Casualties of War,yet there’s a lot of his stuff to American films I’ve not heard. One day I spent about four hours on You Tube listening to Italian soundtracks!

  2. morriconebigfan Says:

    The “Chi Mai” music is nice.

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