Anti-Film School’s 2nd Annual Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular – Guest Post

Check out my guest post over at Anti-Film SchoolTop Five Scariest Italian Horror Films!

5 Responses to “Anti-Film School’s 2nd Annual Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular – Guest Post”

  1. What an awesome photo,Goregirl! Needless to say,I love all five films listed. So tough to pick a scary favorite to list from the films of the five directors because each has such strong filmographies of amazing movies. The Beyond,Black Sunday,Torso,Suspiria,and Demons would make a great dusk to dawn marathon. The ending to The Beyond is pretty incredible. A wonderful list,and all the best with that screenplay!

    • That was one drunken Halloween! I actually have two screenplays on the go and one of them I have literally been working on for years! I don’t know if I will ever complete one. I need to win the lottery…

      • hahahaha I hope the hangover wasn’t too bad.You look like you’re having fun. I hear you about the lottery. Me,too.

  2. Is that you in the photo, Goregirl o_0???? I thought I had stumbled upon the legendary scene at a bar cut from Ridley Scott’s film Legend

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