Movie Ghosts with Music by The Prairie Ramblers (Ghost in the Graveyard)

October is here already! Okay, it is not here quite yet but when we see each other again on Monday it will be! Time to break out the orange lights for the balcony and get into the Halloween spirit! Videos in costume coming soon. In the meantime here is a wacky little diddy from the Prairie Ramblers (Ghost in the Graveyard) with a slideshow of movie ghosts…

Have a goretastic weekend and I’ll see you on Monday with my first VIFF review!

3 Responses to “Movie Ghosts with Music by The Prairie Ramblers (Ghost in the Graveyard)”

  1. Awwww, hell yeah. That song and montage kick ass. You even included Topper. That’s some impressive shit right there. And Insidious and Ugetsu and that creepy bag face kid from El Orfanato and even Scrooged and… was that Phantom Carriage around 0:48?

    • Oh yeah Topper…I’ve even seen Topper Returns! It is indeed Phantom Carriage…helluva movie that one! The carriage driving through the rough seas to pick up a “passenger”…fantastic! The first thing a friend said was…what…no Sixth Sense? I had saved a picture from Sixth Sense but the ghosts don’t look like ghosts so I decided not to use it. I should have included Candyman though, again not a very ghosty looking ghost but he is afterall Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman.

  2. Very cool. : )

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