I haven’t even dealt with Halloween and October postings yet and I already have my mind lost in my Psycho-Delic 60s post coming up in November. Don’t worry though I will have some goodies for you in October and I’ll have a guest post over at Anti-Film School too. Before all that I have The Vancouver International film festival; I go see my first film The Last Time I Saw Macao this Saturday.

Here are my first two banners for Psycho-Delic 60s. Do you know what films these two screen shots are from?

9 Responses to “PSYCHO-DELIC 60s ARE COMING!”

  1. Cool beans,Goregirl! Looking forward to all your reviews! The top banner is from Castle of Blood and the bottom one comes from Plucked(aka Death Laid An Egg). Love both films! Antonio Margheriti remade Castle of Blood as Web of the Spider in 1970 with Klaus Kinski as the perfect Edgar Allan Poe!

    • Says:

      Thanks for that info on Web of the Spider, Conrad. Kinski as Poe? That I must see. … I’m gonna go broke.

      • I know what you mean,David,I’m always in the poor house myself. : ) I think Kinski makes a great Poe! Greatly looking forward to Goregirl’s take on the 1960s!

        • I thought I was relatively versed in 60s cinema but now that I am digging in I realize there are plenty I have not seen! I have a lot of flicks to see before and during November!

  2. Can’t wait! have fun at the VIFF!

  3. Have fun at the Vancouver International Film Festival!

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