Poll Results!

My best of the 1970s and 1980s features have been more popular than anything else I have posted in the Dungeon. It was just a matter of time before I covered more decades. I already have a master list of horror films compiled for the 1940s, 1960s and 1990s. To be honest, I had all but decided I was going to do the 1960s next. I put some feelers out on the decision and wasn’t feeling the love for the 60s I expected, which is why I decided to do the poll. I guess my feelers must be bent because these results are pretty damn lop-sided! I received 47 votes total and the overwhelming majority chose the 1960s! I can not say I’m upset about it. All November long there will be reviews for 1960s films and top 10 lists for each year of the decade. Based on the results I will also be doing the 1990s in January (seriously I need a minimum of a month to prepare for these features). It’s nice to see the 20s getting a little love and based on that, it will follow up the 90s in March. Here are how the results came in…

1960s received 26 votes (55%)

1920s received 6 votes (13%)

1990s received 6 votes (13%)

2000s (2000 – 2009) received 4 votes (9%)

1930s received 2 votes (4%)

1950s received 2 votes (4%)

1940s received 1 vote (2%)

10 Responses to “Poll Results!”

  1. I think I was one of the two that voted 50s because the goofy sci-fi/ horrors would be a lot of fun. But you really can’t go wrong. The 60s are a great choice.

    • Yeah, I like the 50s too. There were a few goofy sci-fi/horror flicks that spilled over into the early 60s so you’ll see a sprinkling. I’ll make a point of reviewing one or two for ya.

  2. Black Sunday’s incredible, definitely one of my favorite European horror selections; I am looking forward to the foray into the 60s!

    • I’m excited about digging in to my list! I’ve seen a fair amount from the 60s but have a lot more to see before November!

  3. That’s the decade I voted for(surprise,surprise). But any decade you cover will be fine because your reviews are excellent and I enjoy them tons.

  4. I voted for the 60’s. I’ve had Carnival of Souls in my head for the last week for some reason…

  5. […] posted a poll last September 2012 asking what you thought the next decade of top ten lists should be. At this […]

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