The Dungeon Review Archives – FINALLY!

This is my 649th post. I only mention this because it took me this long to finally put together a review archive! This is a project I should have embarked on long ago! Going through 648 posts was freaking brutal! 389 of my 649 posts have been film reviews and now you will be able to find a link for every last one of them (and every one going forward)! “The Dungeon Review Archives” will be located in my sidebar under “Pages”.

Fun Fact: I have reviewed multiple films that begin with the words; ‘dead’, ‘blood’, ‘night’, ‘house’ and ‘black’.

Check out the archives by clicking here.

10 Responses to “The Dungeon Review Archives – FINALLY!”

  1. I just did a brief overview of your Archive…Goregirl….that’s freakin Amazing! You should really be proud of that accomplishment….so much work and time and dedication…I love it…your like my Encylopedia now for everything gory…:) Actually kinda already were when I first ran across your site a few months back btw… Feel that? Thats me giving you a pat on the back right now… love ya GG!

  2. Hope you dont mind but I talked you up on my Facebook site and blogged about you on WordPress and Blogger as well…:)

  3. Looking at the page it strikes me as a Herculean effort that must have taken ages. Congratulations on reviewing so many films. You have proven to be one of the best film bloggers out there.

    I did something similar with my Japanese/Korean film reviews recently. I really need to clean up the menu.

    • the wordpress search function is borderline functional. I have meant to do this for some time. In fact, I have actually received requests to do so! Obviously this would have been much easier if I did it 50 posts in…well…better yet when I started this damn blog!! I was so green back than! Could not figure out how to put things in my sidebar for the longest time! Yeesh…that is awful kind of you to say Jason! I watched a horror anime last night! I won’t tell you which…that seems kinda mean since you just paid me that gracious compliment and all. But yeah, I’m still not going to tell you.

      • I was looking at a list of horror anime on Anime UK News and I was shocked that there are so few titles. A lot of them come from the late 80s which are the ones I have watched. I may pester you to reveal what you watched on Twitter.

        • For starters I totally screwed up!! I decided to go to the video store without my list. They have a very limited anime selection at my new video store and they only had 3 or 4 horror titles. Of course I picked the wrong one. Sadly, they only had one of the horror titles you recommended, which I will tenatively rent on the weekend. But anyway…there will be an anime review coming up…but one of your actual recommendation will be a little later in the month.

  4. Bravo,Goregirl,on this marvelous archive! I echo the comments above when I say how much I appreciate you,your reviews,and all your hard work. Your reviews on You Tube are extremely creative and fun! Hearty kudos to you,and I look forward to more of your reviews!

    • Thanks Conrad! I still feel really shy about the videos. I don’t know…just wish I didn’t “um” so much. I think they are getting better…maybe. I nonetheless appreciate the kind words and I am certainly glad you enjoy this little blog of mine!

      • Awwww,I love your You Tube reviews! I’m so interested in what you have to say and the cool visual aspects of your videos,I don’t even notice those “ums”. : )

  5. […] different titles. It is a vicious circle that keeps expanding. I have now been inspired by Goregirl to break that circle and create a film review archive which lists every title […]

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