Five Great Moments in the History of Zombie Cinema

ZOMBI 2 – Zombie fighting Shark!

It astounds me that I don’t see more zombies in watery environments! They don’t breath hence it is perfectly acceptable that they could function below the water’s surface! This scene from Lucio Fulci’s delightful gorefest Zombi 2 still stands out as one of the sub-genre’s most unique moments!

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD – Send more Paramedics!

There are numerous funny scenes with spectacular site gags in Return of the Living Dead, but this relatively simple scene has always stuck with me.

DEAD SNOW – Oh buddy! That has gotta hurt! HUGE SPOILER!!

This is a serious spoiler…but damn it makes me laugh! I recommend you DO NOT watch this clip if you are interested in seeing Dead Snow!

DEAD ALIVE – Lawnmower Scene!

Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive is over-the-top gory insanity! Even among zombie films there are few that provide as much blood and gore! It is all delivered in a very tongue in cheek sorta way. There are a half dozen scenes I could have chosen but the lawnmower scene is a real dazzler.

DAWN OF THE DEAD – Bikers meet their end!

This clip from Dawn of the Dead is filled with gore galore! This is why you never throw a pie in a zombie’s face no matter how funny you think it might be.

16 Responses to “Five Great Moments in the History of Zombie Cinema”

  1. Lol, this is a great list. Dead Alive will always be a personal favorite of mine but it’s pretty hard to top the famous zombie vs shark scene. Utterly ridiculous.

  2. Zombie vs shark haha 😀

  3. I’m happy to know that someone else has seen Dead Snow – what a great one!!

    • This is a great little bit of horror-comedy this scene; equal parts funny and nasty is how it should be done! Dead Snow was seriously fun!

  4. I agree with this list! “Send More Paramedics” is a great moment.

  5. Ya, know – I forgot how bizzare that lawnmower scene is in Dead Alive. One of my faves!

  6. Also, because the zombie bit the shark, in the movie’s universe there is a zombie shark swimming around out there.

    • Zombie sharks! Has there ever been a zombie animal flick? Surely the sci-fi channel has done a Zombiesharktopusaurus film?

  7. If this list teaches us anything, it’s that zombie movies need more bladed landscaping tools and sharks.

  8. […] Goregirl’s Dungeon just makes me wanna shout “You go, goregirl!” Recently she put together one of those badass lists she likes to do, this time putting her focus on zombie films. See the list of five great moments in the history of zombie cinema @ Goregirl’s Dungeon. […]

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