Vancouver Zombie Walk 2012

Another Vancouver Zombie Walk come and gone! Here I am in all my unholy glory as a zombie nun along with a slideshow of pictures from the day’s and evening’s events!

13 Responses to “Vancouver Zombie Walk 2012”

  1. Wonderful make-up and costume! Enjoyed the You Tube presentation as well!

    • Great make-up. You’d fit in with the zombie masses seen in Dawn of the Dead! I liked the sugar-plumb fairy girls you caught for your video as well.

    • Thank you! It was the first time putting latex on my entire face, usually I just do sections. I was still picking latex out my hair the next day. It was rather on the stubborn side coming off too! It was so worth it though!

  2. Holy crap… watching that video, I lost it when I saw that baby. People really go all out for it.

    Killer job on your makeup, as always.

    • Always some amazing efforts! There was a group of zombie carnival performers that were just fantastic…sadly I did not get a good shot of the group.

      Merci! Next experiment…making my own gel prosthetic(s)!

  3. Speaking of ever check out the TV show FACE off where makeup artists compete to see who the best special effect artist is? Check it out if you can its very cool..I know you would enjoy it.

    • I haven’t had cable for years now, so I usually watch TV shows that tickle my fancy online or occasionally rent them from the libary or videostore. I have never heard of Face Off to be honest…but that definitely appeals to me…so I will definitely look for this!

  4. I just saw the picture at the top linked on a Fark thread where someone wanted a zombie pic for a joke they were making in a post and I was like, ” Hey, I recognize that zombie!”
    At least you know you come up high in searches for zombie pics!

    • I posted a zombie cake pic on here once and linked to the site I found it on, figuring that was enough. The woman who took the picture left a pretty bitter comment about not giving her credit so I removed it. Thanks for the link! Personally I am more than happy to have my pictures shared…I was pretty pleased with that zombie makeup too. I am damn ugly!

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