In preparation for the 2012 Vancouver Zombie Walk I gave my latex makeup a dry run. I figured since I went to the trouble I might as well make a video. So here I am counting down my ten favourite zombie films…

14 Responses to “Goregirl’s Video Review: TOP TEN FAVOURITE ZOMBIE FILMS”

  1. Love how your videos are fun and interesting not only in the spoken word,but visually as well. Very inventive. Terrific make-up,and the cookie,guitar,cup,and egg had me laughing. An awesome list of films. I’m really glad Day of the Dead made your top ten,because along with Night and Dawn,I like Day just as much. And you can’t go wrong with Fulci!!!!!

    • Thanks Conrad…I appreciate the positive feedback! I really love doing the makeup! The videos are a less painful process now that I am doing them in pieces! Still learning some of the tricks my webcam can do. One day I would like to get an actual videocamera and than I can do some Goregirl on the street segments! We’ve got some wacky crazy stuff in Vancouver that I would love to share!

  2. SUPER GREAT !!!!!!!!!
    the appetite is reward enough

  3. Yeah, I have to echo Conrad there- these videos are great. They add so much. And your top tens are always great for a few great recommendations. I just added Let Sleeping Corpses Lie and Day of the Dead (been meaning to see it forever). I’m up on the other 8 but those two are way up on my radar now.

    That zombie vs. shark scene in Zombi is one of the best horror scenes ever (right there with Dead Alive’s lawnmower scene… and the horrifyingly hilarious soup scene and the zombie sex and everything else about that movie).

    I’m also really happy to see Return of the Living Dead in there. That movie kicks ass.

    • thx-been a long time fan of Let Sleeping Corpses Lie…a little slower paced than some but patience is rewarded!! Love its alternate title Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue…sounds charming and yet not! How anyone could not find Return of the Living Dead amusing is a mystery to me!!

  4. Superb video!! 🙂

  5. Great makeup. I pretty much agree with your list. That said… I’m no fan of Bub or Day of the Dead… dont tell him I said that.

    • Thx Jason! Oh I’m telling him! okay I won’t…only because I hate tattle-tales! My sister was a huge freaking tattler! “I’m telling! I’m telling!” Always with the “I’m telling!” Sometimes I would imagine myself growing 50 feet tall and stepping on her.

  6. AMAZING make-up! I can’t disagree too much with your list, but I would have loved to see WHITE ZOMBIE sneak it’s way on (even though it’s got Haitian zombies rather than Romero-type zombies).

    • Thanks! I really do enjoy doing the makeup! I like the Haitian zombie vibe alot and White Zombie for that matter. But i think my fave of the Haitian stuff would probably be I Walked with A Zombie. Admittedly, part of the appeal of the zombie sub-genre for me is the makeup and the gore. I can sometimes look past a mediocre story in a zombie film if it has great zombies and gore (although my tolerance for bad post 1989 horror films does seem to be waning in my old age).

  7. Gonnhorreus Syphilititus Says:

    Let Sleeping Corpses Lie – I was working on seeing as many video nasties as possible, so I’ll be seeing it sooner or later. (I am disappointed in myself for not seeing it yet – and I haven’t seen Romero’s Day of the Dead either, and so I am even more disappointed in myself because of that).

    I didn’t enjoy Shaun of the Dead as much as I thought I would – it started getting too melodramatic for me toward the end, as it took more of a serious tone. (On a spearate note, I wasn’t a big fan of Hot Fuzz either).

    And I agree – Zombi 2 has my fave zombies! They look better than any CGI movie could ever possibly make!

    Unfortunately, Re-Animator was on SCREAM TV one night, but it was very late, and I fell asleep before the movie ended. But I did enjoy it until I passed out!

    Cemetery Man is another movie I saw on SCREAM TV many years ago, and I was a teenager at the time. I enjoyed it back then – and I can tell I would enjoy it a lot more if I saw it today!

    I think I’ll have to give Return of the Living Dead another watch – I thought it was OK, but I wasn’t a fan. I was wishing it had the same emphasis on comedy, as it did at the beginning. (Or maybe it had the same degree of emphasis, but I didn’t find the gags as funny – my memory is a bit foggy).

    When I was in college, I saw Night of the Livign Dead – and it was the first zombie movie I ever saw. I thought it was fantastic, and it was the first movie I ever bought on DVD. But since the movie is public domain, the DVD I own is a cheap bare-bones edition. Someday, I want to get the official DVD – the one where Romero does commentary, and is also packed with special features, and all that jazz. And you made some great comments describing the film!

    I saw Dead Alive when I was a teenager, on SCREAM TV. My memories of the film are pretty vague. I enjoyed it at the time, but I can tell I would appreciate it a lot more if I saw it today.

    And I see you recently reviewed Dawn of the Dead. I’ll post my thoughts on that film on your review.

    And Goregirl on the street segments… I hope we’ll get to see that happen someday!

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