I loved Larry Blamire’s The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. I should give both films the proper respect and actually review them! But in the meantime, I highly recommend both! I have recently joined Netflix Canada which has been a massive disappointment! They have no horror films I haven’t seen. Zilch. I found Trail of the Screaming Forehead in their comedy section and looked it up on IMDB. I was thrilled when I seen Larry Blamire’s name attached as director! This was a must watch! Blamire mocks with the greatest of respect the Eisenhower-era Sci-Fi/Horror monster movies. Intentionally stiff dialog, ridiculous character names and an even more ridiculous premise. Trail of the Screaming Forehead is presented in Cranioscope and is literally about renegade foreheads out to take over earth! Obviously being heavy on the comedy, your taste in humour will highly influence your feelings about this film, and in fact all of Blamire’s films. The humour is definitely of the PG variety and is often pretty damn corny. Considering the source material from which it borrows, anything but a PG sense of humour would make the whole package fall very flat. In other words, it perfectly suits the material, and I find it absolutely charming!

Dr. Sheila Bexter is working on a theory that it is the forehead not the brain that is the source of all human thought. Her biggest cheerleader is co-worker Dr. Philip Latham who blindly supports her theory. Meanwhile a tiny spaceship has fallen to earth carrying a forehead. The forehead comes from a planet where the race was eliminated by nuclear war, leaving nothing but foreheads in its wake. The forehead affixes itself to the owner of the local bed and breakfast. Two “salty” seamen, Big Dan Frater and Dutch “the swede” Annacrombie come ashore for a much needed rest and stay at said bed and breakfast. The two seamen notice something is not right in the town. Indeed, the evil foreheads quickly multiply and attach themselves to the patrons of the tiny town. The two seamen along with Millie the local librarian find a forehead crawling in the dirt and realize what has gripped the populace. They attempt to relay the peculiar story to the local chief of police who only laughs at their tale. Unaware of the forehead infestation Dr. Bexter convinces Dr. Latham to take her concoction she is calling Foreheadazine. The Foreheadazine horribly mutates Dr. Latham’s head and the forehead possessed patrons believe he is one of them. As the foreheads take over the minds of everyone in town Dan, Dutch and Millie race against time to find a way to deal with the forehead infestation.

What an utterly ridiculous premise for a film! Trail of the Screaming Forehead is pure silliness from beginning to end! Everything from the dialog, to the character names to the delightful stop motion animated foreheads insists you never for a second take this film seriously. I particularly loved the animated foreheads! The way the foreheads pulled themselves along was an endless source of amusement for me. At one point they even have eyes and a mouth and start speaking. The local gangster Nick Vassidine (played by the film’s director Larry Blamire) ends up being taken over by a forehead which speaks to his moll Droxy Chappelle. Droxy exclaims (loosely quoted) “Your all messed up…like modern art!” Trail of the Screaming Forehead even has its own theme song sung by Droxy. Droxy uses the song to seduce Big Dan Frater and convince him to show her his cargo of frozen corpses! But the real scene stealer here is Dr. Philip Latham and his big gross head! Dr. Latham’s horribly mutated face looks like a whole bunch of foreheads glued together! He gets many of the best lines and is brilliantly played by Blamire regular Andrew Parks. The entire cast are all quite a bit of fun! The film also features some great classic men of horror like James Karen (The Return of the Living Dead) who plays Reverend Beaks, Dick Miller (It Conquered the World, Premature Burial, Piranha, The Howling, Night of the Creeps) who plays Eddie the bartender, and Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Piranha, The Howling, Twilight Zone: The Movie) who apparently arrived late for shooting and has a brief cameo where he asks Eddie the bartender where he can get a forehead. Unfortunately the film is not without its issues, and this one is a bit of a doozy. The jokes felt a bit redundant after a while. Around mid-point of the film it started to feel like Blamire ran out of fresh material. The intentionally stiff dialog uses such shtick as “in conclusion we must conclude”, and it did get a bit tiresome after a while. I also had mixed feeling about the ending. There are still some laughs to be had in the second half but it just felt a little too repetitive.

Trail of the Screaming Forehead has been my least favourite of the Blamire films I’ve seen, but it nonetheless gave me some laughs. It is a shame the jokes felt repetitious after a while because the outrageous premise, the wacky performances and the wonderful stop motion animation was an absolute hoot! That said, Blamire is pretty awesome, and I sure look forward to discovering the rest of his films! Gee whiz the guy is pretty neato! Trail of the Screaming Forehead is recommended with warning.

Dungeon Rating: 3/5

Directed By: Larry Blamire

Starring: Daniel Roebuck, Susan McConnell, Fay Masterson, Andrew Parks, H.M. Wynant, Brian Howe, Dan Conroy, Alison Martin, Trish Geiger, Jennifer Blaire, Larry Blamire, Dick Miller, Robert Deveau

13 Responses to “TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD (2007) – The Dungeon Review”

  1. This makes me think of that old They Might Be Giants song that had the lyric “Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads.”

    • goregirl Says:

      Ah yes, We want a Rock! I have a friend who loves TMBG. She is one of those people that when they get a new CD they play until you want to kill them! I bet they would love this film 😉

      • I was pretty annoying with that TMBG album too. But anyway, this post does make me want to check out the series of comedic monster movies, so didn’t mean to take away from your topic, but couldn’t resist. 😀

  2. this sounds absolutely hilarious… for a little bit….

    • goregirl Says:

      It is fun…and it is super short, which I should have mentioned in the review. I think it only runs about 80ish minutes. It is worth checking out, but I wouldn’t recommend running right out and purchasing it. Check out Lost Skeleton first…it is brilliant!

  3. Aaaaaaw i really love this film! Hilarious! I first read about Larry Blamire’s movies in Scary Monsters magazine and was desperate to see them…then Screaming Forehead turned up on The Horror Channel and i was hooked! I’ve since bought the Lost Skeleton movies and the Old Dark House spoof (which i haven’t watched yet)…just loving your writing GG! : )

    • goregirl Says:

      So happy there are others out there that appreciate Larry Blamire’s films! I can’t wait to check out the ones I haven’t seen. I liked Screaming Forehead, but it didn’t quite tickle me the way the Skeleton films did. I definitely think Blamire deserves more appreciation. I am amazed at how few people seem to know his films…a damn shame that!

  4. Love both Lost Skeleton movies,and was once again pleasantly surprised by this film. Fun stuff even for a seen it all “old fart” like me who has become very cynical and jaded where most post 1989 horror films and horror movie spoofs are concerned. I’m in the Larry Blamire camp,too!

    • goregirl Says:

      Let’s face it, post-1989 horror is patchy at best! Blamire clearly loves his gig and that comes through in his work for sure.

  5. I haven’t seen this movie, but that sounds EXACTLY like what I love about Blamire. I’ve seen his two Lost Skeleton movies, Meet the Mobsters, and Dark and Stormy Night. Each time, whether his film is good or bad, his enthusiasm bleeds through. How can you not love that? And since we’re all horror/sci-fi fans here, his spoofs of those genres are right in our wheelhouse. I’m glad to see Blamire getting some love.

    • goregirl Says:

      Yeah, I would have liked to have stolen your Blamire comment for my own fifty film wishes! The man has heart and clearly loves the material he spoofs! I really look forward to checking out Dark and Stormy Night! I’m also most intrigued by his TV Series Tales from the Pub.

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