Saturday in Toronto

Spent the day in fabulous Toronto on Saturday! We shopped on Queen Street West (where I scored three damn cool t-shirts for $25), had a superb dinner at Hey Lucy and finished our evening off with drinks in the Distillery District. This picture doesn’t really do this awesome sculpture justice. Clearly an artist after goregirl’s heart (click the pic to make it bigger)!

9 Responses to “Saturday in Toronto”

  1. I think I met the inspiration for the sculpture somewhere in Silent Hill…

    • goregirl Says:

      Yeah, there is something sorta like that in Silent Hill! Best game ever to play alone in the dark!

  2. That’s a fabulous picture Goregirl! I was in in Toronto a couple of years ago and didn’t see that statue anywhere. Either it’s new or I was in the wrong place. I think I’m going back just to be photographed by it myself. That’s too cool! : )

    • goregirl Says:

      This is one of a few installations in The Distillery District, there was also a pretty nifty giant spider sorta thing (we took a picture but it was too dark). Toronto is a pretty amazing city. You could put half a dozen downtown Vancouvers inside of downtown Toronto! You really need a day to explore each area thoroughly. I lived in the burbs in Ontario, but always a reasonable driving distance away from Toronto.

  3. That thing looks like something from the mind of Guillermo del Toro.

  4. can you mail me one of those for my front yard? Thanks!!

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