Seven Samurai vs The Magnificent Seven

Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 film Seven Samurai is outstanding in every way a film can be outstanding! It is one hell of an act to follow! While Seven Samurai vs The Magnificent Seven is a no contest win for Seven Samurai in my mind; John Sturges’ 1960 remake The Magnificent Seven is also pretty bloody superb!

Seven Samurai vs The Magnificent Seven with Music by The Clash – The Magnificent Seven!

4 Responses to “Seven Samurai vs The Magnificent Seven”

  1. No contest but then I love Japanese films and don’t really care for westerns. Anyway I watched The Seven Samurai last month as prep for my Akira Kurosawa season. Awesome stuff.

    • goregirl Says:

      I would go so far as saying Seven Samurai is one of my favourite films of all time. I used to think I disliked westerns until I seen Once Upon A Time in the West. Since I’ve seen just about every Sergio Leone Western and a scattering of others and have a huge appreciation for many. Although, to be honest, yet to see anything that I thought topped Once Upon a Time in the West.

  2. Holy crap… I assumed that Toho was only responsible for the monster movies. I didn’t realize they’d produced Kurosawa films as well. Seven Samurai is excellent. I watched it afraid that the 3+ hour run time- in Japanese, a language with which I have zero familiarity- would be cumbersome. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It went by lickety-split because it was such a damned good story.

    I enjoy both of these films, but I agree completely- Seven Samurai is clearly the better of the two. On the topic of Westerns, have you seen any Peckinpah films yet? The Wild Bunch, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, and… well, those are the only two I’ve seen.

    • goregirl Says:

      Oh Yes! Toho was mighty! You won’t believe the gems I have come across! Don’t even get me started on Kurosawa! I have watched a crapload of Kurosawa thanks to my awesome library that seems to carry his entire catalog! The man is a god and Seven Samurai is epic! EPIC!

      I have seen just one Peckinpah western and that is The Wild Bunch. I certainly should see more! I really love Peckinpaw’s Straw Dogs, The Getaway and I’m probably in lonely country on this one…Convoy! That’s a 10-4 good buddy! I’m a sucker for a trucker, at least when they look like Kris Kristofferson!

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