Eisenhower and the Horror Movies is Over

That’s all folks! Yesterday’s Godzilla was the last review of my Eisenhower and the Horror Movies feature. I regret only one thing; I did not do a review of a Vincent Price film! Price was in a ton of films during the Eisenhower years. Shame on me! I totally owe Vincent Price a review. I will be watching classic horror more regularly from now on. I would rather watch a horror movie made before 1990 than the vast majority of shitty shit that has come out since. That said, I will be reviewing the 2011 film The Woman that just came out on DVD last week. Films like The Woman remind me why I still bother watching new horror films. The balance of February is a free for all so I will be reviewing what ever tickles my fancy. Below I have summarized my Eisenhower and the Horror Movies reviews which I will put in my sidebar for easy future access. Classic horror rocks!

I watched 22 horror films that were released during Eisenhower’s presidency and posted 18 reviews. The four films yet to be reviewed; It Came from Beneath the Sea, The Abominable Snowman, The Curse of Frankenstein, and Mothra.

I failed only one film; that honour went to Horrors of Spider Island (1960).

One film received a borderline pass which was Reptilicus (1961).

Six films I reviewed were not first viewings; Les Diaboliques (1955), Night of the Demon (1957), Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), The Brides of Dracula (1960), Jigoku (1960) and Godzilla (1954 & 1956).

The top five films I watched for the first time during this feature were…
Corridors of Blood (1958)
The Mole People (1956)
Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)
Cult of the Cobra (1955)
Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

And here are the rest of the films reviewed…
Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)
The Wasp Woman (1959)
Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961)
The Haunted Strangler (1958)
The Cyclops (1957)

9 Responses to “Eisenhower and the Horror Movies is Over”

  1. Love this period of film making in the genre so much. The catalogue of horror and sci fi from this period is very deep–I’m always finding some new to enjoy! Great job!

    • There are some truly remarkable contributions from this period. Sure, there are some cheesy choices (which I also enjoy) but there were also some well written, creepy and brilliant groundbreakers that would shape the horror films to come. Thanks Jim.

  2. Aaron Babcock Says:

    Ah! I wish I had been following your blog when you were doing this classic horror fest! I have seen a good number of the titles you watched. I love watching classic horror/sci-fi movies. There’s something about them that I find immediately appealing. That being said, some of them I also find downright terrible. I’ll be going through all of your reviews! I’ll also be interested to see what you say about Mothra.

    • After doing 18 classic film reviews I thought I should mix it up a bit so the Mothra review is pending…for now. I am contemplating doing a TOHO month in April.

  3. filmy videobb…

    […]Eisenhower and the Horror Movies is Over « GOREGIRL'S DUNGEON[…]…

  4. HEY! I actually LIKED Horrors of Spider Island! But yer dead on with the rest!

    • Horrors of Spider Island has its fans…when it comes right down to it I rather watch HOSI than a lot of the newer stuff I’ve sat through this year.

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