Goregirl’s Horror Film Shitlist – Music by The Stiffs

Happy Friday! I’ll have a review for Invasion of Alien Bikini on Monday. Not only was Invasion of Alien Bikini a thoroughly enjoyable little romp I also got the full Vancouver International Film Festival experience for this one! In the meantime here is my horror film shitlist; a collection of horror movies I gave a failing grade to (and there were so many more I could have included). Featuring The Stiffs 70’s punk ditty Fuck You from the double-CD compilation “Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988.” Have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “Goregirl’s Horror Film Shitlist – Music by The Stiffs”

  1. I’ve seen surprisingly few of these- six or seven?- but I can’t say I disagree with any of the ones I’ve seen.

    • Horror probably has more straight to dvd titles than any other genre. Of course a lot of fine horror titles particularly foreign ones never make it to theatres here. But they were in theatres somewhere. There is a significant chunk of horror films made just for the home market and a good chunk of these are pretty pooper-duper-Pee-U!

  2. Very enjoyable video! I tend to avoid new American made horror films,including the remake of the week,like rickets or scurvy. I’ve added all those films I haven’t seen in your video to that list. I had a free three month sub to Showtime,and watched some of the most gosh awful recent made in the USA horror movie crap I’ve ever seen. I’m glad The Fog made your list. I HATE this movie with a passion,and I didn’t even pay to see it. Another useless,boring,unnecessary retread. I love the original. No offense meant to fans of the new breed of American genre movies,but a lot of it just makes me cringe and head back to watching the oldies I grew up with.

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