BAD BIOLOGY (2008) – The Dungeon Review!

“A God Awful Love Story”

First off, I need to make a correction on something I said in my ten favourite penis scenes video. I put today’s film Bad Biology in my number two spot and during my blurb I said the woman with the seven clitorises was named Charlee. The character’s name is in fact Jennifer; Charlee is her real name. My apologies!

Beware: This review contains some spoilers!

Frank Henenlotter hasn’t directed a film since 1992’s Basket Case 3: The Progeny. I am a big fan of Henenlotter’s original Basket Case and Brain Damage; two films I count among my favourites from the 1980’s. His 1990 film Frankenhooker is also a hoot! I was revved when I read Henenlotter was actually directing a new film. The man does love his mutations! In his new film Bad Biology his mutations are of a sexual nature. While I didn’t quite have the same love for Bad Biology as I do for his two 80s entries it is nonetheless twisted, entertaining fun. There is certainly no mistaking that this is a Henenlotter film!

Photographer Jennifer has seven clitorises and an insatiable and uncontrollable need for sex. She “unintentionally” kills her partners during sex and snaps their picture in the throes of orgasm/death; shortly after which she delivers a mutated baby. Charlee believes God has a higher purpose for her seven clitorises. When she meets Batz after he rents his home for a photo shoot she believes she has found the perfect mate. Batz has a problem of his own that provides a visual for trouser snake you won’t soon forget! Problem is his giant snake-like penis is addicted to drugs and has a mind all its own.

How does that plot summary grab you? Needless to say there is nudity and sex in Bad Biology. If these things make you blush, you probably stopped reading this review after my plot summary. Those of you still reading be prepared for sex scenes that are definitely more humorous than sexy. Bad Biology clearly has comedic intentions. After Charlee delivers the first screaming mutant baby in her bathtub she simply gets dressed and leaves her apartment. On her way out the door she stops to address us; telling us not to judge her for abandoning her little mutant freak baby. Al Magliochetti who was responsible for overseeing the effects in Henenlotter’s Brain Damage and Frankenhooker is back on the job for Bad Biology. Jennifer’s mutant crying babies are probably the most unsavoury aspect of Bad Biology. Personally, I loved the addition of the spontaneous births and the bloody mutant babies! Despite the fact that Jennifer kills all her sex partners, there isn’t a whole lot of gore outside of the bloody mutant babies. I would have liked to have seen more nasty and vile deaths for her lovers but the weirdness trumps the gore in this one so I can live with it. There are some excellent and very funny point of view shots from both the multiple clitorises and the detached penis. If you ever wondered what life was like for your penis (and/or?!) clitoris you need wonder no longer!! In one scene, Jennifer dresses some models and equips them with Vagina masks for a hip hop video. How wonderfully tacky, disturbing and clever! Halloween costume inspiration! Make it a couple costume; Dickhead and Cuntface! It is sure to be a smash hit at your next Halloween party! Rivalling the babies is the delightful penis prosthetic. Batz wrestles with his penis in one very amusing scene and later his penis detaches itself with a mission to find as many women to enter as possible. My god this thing is ugly!! Veiny, pulsing and filthy looking it crashes through drywall into one woman’s apartment after another. And the monster member breathes! At one point it is actually gasping for breathe! Too funny.

And than we have the masturbation and sacrilege. Ah yes, how could there not be masturbation in Bad Biology? Jennifer has quite the Tesla-like device she uses for masturbation but it doesn’t quite leave the same impression as Batz masturbation device. I included a picture for your review. There is some kind of motor on this box and inside the box I believe was spring and barbed wire and if I’m not mistaken he squeezes some dish washing soap in there for lubrication. While masturbating he watches porn but what he sees is a woman telling him how much she loves him and needs him and his mutation means nothing to her. Poor Batz. His crazy cock gives hookers orgasms that last hours and probably has the ability to kill women with less experience. You need more than love to take this perversion of science on! Perhaps seven clitorises could tame this monster? The film clearly is building to the couples hook-up, but the two soul mates don’t actually get together until the final 15 minutes of the film. If the sex and mutant babies haven’t turned you off perhaps we can offend your Christian sensibilities. Jennifer believes God gave her seven clitorises so he himself could fuck her.

Charlee Danielson wasn’t a bad choice for Jennifer. She has a girl next store look about her that fit. Danielson often delivers her lines like a machine gun, and I had to rewind twice during two of her longer rants. On the other hand, if I was constantly in a state of pre-orgasm I suppose I would be a fast talker too. The larger issue was her delivery was a little flat. She doesn’t quite have the enthusiasm a woman with seven clitorises who believes her purpose is to fuck god should have. Anthony Sneed does fine as Batz who is a rather awkward character who doesn’t say much and gets overshadowed by his monstrous member. The best bit o’acting comes from the crack addict character that sadly appears only briefly. She storms through one scene breaking shit and screaming her fool head off “Where’s my Jimmy Jam!?” She was absolutely freaking hilarious! To say the acting was good in Bad Biology would be a stretch but I thought there were some decent b-movie performances here.

I read a few reviews on IMDB from people who claim to be Henenlotter fans that really tear a strip off of Bad Biology. Despite that, I think most Henenlotter fans will find something to like about Bad Biology. It is campy, funny, and nasty just the way I like my Henenlotter. Speaking for myself, I got a real kick out of Bad Biology and I think some of you will too. Highly recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Frank Henenlotter

Starring: Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed

3 Responses to “BAD BIOLOGY (2008) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Seven clitorises? Somewhere in time, this filmmaker saw Dead Ringers, then made this movie and said “Take THAT, DAVID CRONENBERG!”

    • Brrrrrrr, those gynelogical tools give me the shivers! Adding a woman with seven clitorises to Dead Ringers would have lightened its mood considerably. I think Jennifer and her seven clitorises would have gotten along famously with Beverly and Elliot.

  2. Desperate to see this one. Love Hennenlotter. Just can’t find the bastard anywhere.

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