Cannibal Films with music by Tom Waits – The Black Rider

Review coming….honest!! One more slideshow for you featuring Cannibal Films with music from the great Tom Waits!
“May I use your skull as a bowl? Come on along with the black rider! We’ll have a gay old time!”

6 Responses to “Cannibal Films with music by Tom Waits – The Black Rider”

  1. Does Eating Raoul count?

    • Eating Raoul would have been a good addition!

      • I loved the music. Can’t say the same about those Italian cannibal flicks. I thought they were pretty dire.

        Anyway I just saw Drive at the cinema and that has violence aplenty and is massively cool. I definitely recommend it. It’s on my waiting list behind Death Bell, some more J-horror, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Jane Eyre…

        • Well, the Italian cannibal films were an easy addition. I was REALLY into the gore when I was younger and made a ponit of seeing every one of these cannibal films I could get my hands on. Some are pretty vile but many of them are just freaking boring!! Their worst offensive though is the killing of actual animals they do for the sake of the film. it didn’t even make me blink when I was a teenager but these days I find it really loathsome.

          I will check out Drive. I am going to see a UK film tomorrow night at the Van Film Fest called KILL LIST. It is not a horror film (I do watch the odd film that isn’t) but it is suppose to be ultra-violent.

          • I missed Kill List at the cinema but from what critics and audiences have been saying it is supposed to be very, very intense. I look forward to your review!

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