2011 Vancouver International Film Festival

The Vancouver International Film Festival begins September 29 and runs through to October 14. I picked up a sneak preview guide last weekend and found a couple of interesting titles. I usually end up seeing between three and six films during the fest as there are generally very few Goregirl’s Dungeon-friendly titles. Here are trailers and blurbs from two of the flicks I’m interested in.

(Taken from the Vancouver International Film Festival Sneak Preview guide) South Korea 75 min.
He’s a self-appointed “city protector” (and litter collector) who rescues a woman he sees being attacked by three men. She’s a predatory alien in a stolen body, which needs human sperm to survive. But he has sworn a vow of chastity…Oh Youngdoo’s gleeful satire of shlock sci-fi is a total blast.

I think the description speaks for itself. How could I not want to see this? Check out the trailer…

(Taken from the Vancouver International Film Festival Sneak Preview guide) Czech Republic 95 min.
It’s amazing what Jan Sverak (Kolya) and his team have acheived here with the simpliest of means. Cutting between live actors and a forest alive with puppet and stick animation , Kooky tells of a small, bright red stuffed toy lost in an adventure fantasy that adults will enjoy as much as children. “The Wind in the Willows Meets the early work of Jan Svankmajer.” – Variety

I don’t want to be swayed by some random reviewer at Variety but I couldn’t help but notice Jan Svankmajer’s name. I am a big fan of Svankmajer and after watching this trailer I could see the connection. Not usual Dungeon fare. Check out the trailer…

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