Goregirl’s Top Ten VAMPIRE Films on YouTube!

I am going to stick with written reviews for a spell; so I thought I would try something new on ye olde YouTube channel. So here it is, my first video top ten list. These lists will generally be horror-themed but I just might throw something else in the mix for the hell of it. If you have any suggestions leave me a comment.

4 Responses to “Goregirl’s Top Ten VAMPIRE Films on YouTube!”

  1. I’ve always appreciated Daughters of Darkness for the fact that it focuses on Elizabeth Bathory. Her story is too good to go untold.

    I’m also glad to see Martin getting some attention. It sure does stand out as a Romero movie (not in a bad way).

    This is an awesome list. Mid-list, I had to pull open my Netflix queue and start adding the handful I hadn’t seen.

    • Thanks John…I may have to do a “10 More Favourite Vampire films” list, there were at least 10 other strong entries I had to leave off!

  2. Also, I’d add that if you’re taking requests, I’ve become a huge junkie for the werewolf genre in the last few years. I’d love to see you take that on.

    • Sure I’ll do a Top ten werewolf films! Hopefully I can pull 10 decent entires out of the sub-genre for you!

      I only have a couple top ten list ideas so far, but I think they are both fairly unique.

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