Vancouver Zombie Walk 2011

Another Vancouver Zombie Walk over. My day started at 11 in the morning (latex takes a while to dry). We arrived at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 4 pm and the walk started at 4:30. We walked down Robson Street, made a left on Denman and ended at the beach. After the walk we had a couple of cocktails on the patio (that will be clear after you watch the videos) and off to Zombie-A-Go-Go for more drinking! It was a long freaking day but it was great fun! Here are some choice pics and three slideshows. Zombie walk madness!

6 Responses to “Vancouver Zombie Walk 2011”

  1. I’m impressed with the effort. Your costume was awesome, Goregirl!

    The whole event looked like a lot of fun.

    Loved the gothic lolita girls and the guy from Resident Evil 5: sack over his head with nails in it and giant hammer. Also, Silent Hill always gets a big thumbs up from me but do Silent Hill nurses really count as zombies?

    Thanks for the images.

    • Thanks for saying GJ! I was relatively happy with it. I definitely stood out in any case. Zombie Walk is crazy fun but a little rough on the head!

      AH! Hammer guy was Resident Evil! I thought it was maybe Silent Hill although the dude with the big hammer in Silent Hill has a triangle bird beak head not a burlap sack! Not really a video game player, although I have in fact played the first 4 Silent Hill games. The movie caught the look and feel but it wasn’t quite as creepy as I wanted it to be. Loved those freaking nurses though!! The nurses may not be zombies per se but they definitely seem to be of the supernatural variety. You should have seen these gals twitching out…it was beautiful.

  2. You have great taste in film so I’m not surprised it extends to video games and Silent Hill.

    Silent Hill 2 is legendary (which is why it’s getting a HD re-make). I have yet to watch the film all the way through but it caught the atmosphere of the surroundings and had Pyramid Head stomping around.

    Perhaps you should use your make-up skills in a Silent Hill video for YouTube.

  3. Damn that looks like it was a blast, I need to head up to Vancouver apparently! Your clown zombie was amazing, good job. And I agree about the Silent Hill nurses, they may not technically be zombies but they looked amazing either way. Good stuff!

  4. […] annual Vancouver Zombie Walk and is an active participant (check out her coverage of 2011′s here).  And I always spend a little time at the zombie walk that occurs the same weekend as the Texas […]

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