In anticipation of the AUGUST 20 Vancouver Zombie Walk I will be doing all zombie reviews for the month of August. My goal is to bring you three zombie film reviews a week. I’ll have VIDEO reviews, WRITTEN reviews and various other zombie-related stuff. I still haven’t decided what I will be doing with my own getup for this years walk. I hope after overdosing on a steady diet of the undead that I will find my inspiration! For week one I will have three video reviews and a slideshow of Goregirl-approved zombie films (with music from Goblin!). In the meantime check out this list of Zombie Films from Wikipedia I posted last August. I have highlighted the zombie films I’ve seen and included links for the ones that I have posted reviews for. You will see there are MANY zombie films I have not seen and several I have seen but have never reviewed. The undead mayhem starts Monday August 1! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES!


  1. I look forward to your reviews. Having just finished reading Zombie Apocalypse I have a taste for the undead but the list of zombie films from wikipedia looks like it’s full of clunkers – Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels???

    • Ouch! There are so many films on that Wikipedia list I had never even heard of. I’m not off to a good start with the zombie films! I had a feeling I shouldn’t kick it off with films from the 2000’s! I have some 70’s zombie films lined up for next week and then some Asian and 80’s stuff for the week after. It will get better…I promise.

  2. Woot! Looking forward to reading the posts. 🙂

    • Gory Greetings Kweeny! There are a lot of zombie films out there, hopefully I stumble upon some gory goodness! Cheers, GG

  3. Zombie Info…


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