THE COLLECTIVE VOL. 1: THE MEAT EATER (2011) – The Dungeon Review!

The Collective Vol 1: The Meat Eater is a collection of ten short films from independent film makers with the theme “A small town is caught in the clutches of The Meat Eater”. Giant monsters, a zombie, a witch, the meat industry, revenge, and superstition are a few of the subjects used in the collection’s entries. Like any anthology some of the titles are better than others. These are bare bones, low-budget films and the quality and cleverness varies. They are all around 10 minutes long, and range from not so great to wicked fun! You can purchase the DVD collection over at Jabb Pictures by clicking here. The Collective will also be featured at the Fangoria Film Festival taking place at The Days of the Dead Convention July 1st – 3rd in Indianapolis, IN.

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Below are the films featured in The Collective in the order they appeared on the DVD. The disc menu listed the film by the production company instead of its actual title. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because I have no idea what the name of a few of these films were. I included what information I could and if I wasn’t sure I noted that. Without further ado…THE COLLECTIVE VOL. 1: THE MEAT EATER

The Cult of Moi & Vous
Directed, Written and Produced By: Thomas Berdinski
Sascratch versus Afrodesious: The Giant Rubber Monster Movie

Sascratch VS. Afrodesious: The Giant Rubber Monster Movie was the first film in the collection. They were wise to open with this high-energy wacky film. Director Thomas Berdinski throws everything but the kitchen sink in the mix. I think someone has been watching lots of old school martial arts, monster and sci-fi flicks! The simplicity of the effects are highlighted not hidden and makes for amusing fun. The Giant Rubber Monster Movie is damn entertaining! My only complaint is that it ended too soon!

Dr Mea Teat
Directed, edited, produced By: Chris Jay
Monster of Green Cove (may not be film title)

Monster of Green Cove is allegedly a Bigfoot type monster. When a group of small town folk get together with the local sheriff to hunt the creature, things don’t exactly go down like you expect. Some laughs and a great twist…I liked this one!

Graphik 13 Films
Directed and Written By: Eric Schneider
Whistling Past the Graveyard

Superstition is the theme in Whistling Past the Graveyard. Two guys at a funeral stop by buddy’s house to smoke a joint and have a discussion about superstition. One guy claims he is not remotely superstitious the other is “cautious”. The ending seemed inevitable considering the setup. This one was okay and does include a wee bit of bloody mayhem.

Liberty or Death Productions
Directed, Produced and Written By: James Mannan and Robbin Panet
Zracne Vile

Filmmakers Mannan and Panet used Zracne Vile, a witch/aerial spirit from Slavonian folklore as a basis for their short film. Two men in a pub are relayed the story of a husband and wife who share their woes with a bartender. The wife is given the name of someone who can help her with her problem. Help comes in the form of a mischievous and hungry witch. This is one of my favorites of the bunch!

SO-So Pix
Directed and Written By: Shannon Feaster
Snow Angel

The camera whips along the road and comes to a dead stop. We see a dot in the distance. The dot gets closer and closer in real time. I liked the idea and I was sort of mesmerized by it although I didn’t feel rewarded by the reveal. Not bad.

A Quattro Venti Scott Production
Directed By: Cameron Scott
Graveyard Blues

Graveyard Blues borrows some Lovecraft mythos. Our pierced central character also serves as narrator. She regales us with her dark story of birthright, tradition and sacrifice. The film is a little wordy and slow paced. Also, the music overpowers the dialog at times. I did like the black and white photography and they do include some gore but overall this one didn’t really move me.

Jabb Pictures
Directed by Jason Hoover
The Meat Eater

The Meat Eater begins on Day 26 in the basement of a survivor. Trapped in the house during a zombie apocalypse while one particularly persistent zombie lingers about. I was enjoying the setup but the climax was a bit weak.

Over Analyzed Productions
Directed and Written By: David Bonnell
Revenge Radio (may not be film title)

Rachel is a bitch and Max is a sad sack and both are pretty irritating. This felt like a long ten minutes but it sure had a great fucking ending! It’s a bumpy ride getting there but the ending is worth sticking around for.

So-So Pix
Directed By: Dakota Meyer

We see a man prepare for himself and eat a large breakfast. Then he pulls out a scrapbook and pastes a picture inside. That is all I should really say about this nifty little film with a nasty little twist. Good stuff.

Jabb Pictures
Directed By: Jason Hoover
Meat From Range To Market (may not be film title)

How the meat industry portrays itself juxtaposed with reality amounts to some ghastly images. I don’t actually know his sources but it looks to me like Hoover spliced educational and promotional spots with Peta footage. It was all I could do to sit through this one to the end. I get no joy from animals being tortured even when it is clearly meant to make a point.

2 Responses to “THE COLLECTIVE VOL. 1: THE MEAT EATER (2011) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Thanks for the review and the feedback

    • goregirl Says:

      Gory Greetings David! My feedback is a little vague and brief, I wasn’t really sure how much I should say about films that were only 10 minutes long. Love the independent films though and I don’t review nearly enough of them! I’ll have to change that. Cheers, terri

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