Goregirl’s Gallery Of Film Posters – 1950s Edition

My dad was a huge pop culture junkie and was particularly fond of horror and sci-fi flicks. I was exposed to massive quantities of Hammer films and monster flicks growing up. Dad was always on the look out for collectibles from his youth so we went to a lot of flea markets, antique and memorabilia shows. I eagerly anticipated these outings as a kid. There was always loads of nifty crap to check out but nothing held my attention like the movie posters, especially those of the monster variety. The artist renderings of people running for their lives from giant ants, lizards, robots and the like stirred my imagination and thrilled me to no end. While these films were from my dad’s childhood they also remind me of my own. So many of the posters in this gallery hung in our purple shag carpeted rec room!

5 Responses to “Goregirl’s Gallery Of Film Posters – 1950s Edition”

  1. I want The Killer Shrews for my wall.

    Some classics in there as well as some I haven’t heard of before. Thankfully the Amazing Colossal Man had suitably colossal underwear. Imagine what damage he could have done with…

    • The Killer Shrew poster is pretty fun. It was a wise decision not to include a picture of a shrew. They were too funny. I had tears in my eyes from the laughing. I think they shaved dogs and put these terrible costumes on them. Here is a pic of the Shrew. It is safe to say your tolerance for cheese and camp must be limitless.

      Killer Shrew

  2. I love the style and I love quite a few of these movies (the ones I’ve seen, anyway). I really wish Netflix had a copy of “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”.

    • Some of these are just awesome, and a few are just awesomely bad!

      I Was A Teenage Werewolf is alright. I appreciate that they attempt to bring something new to the werewolf sub-genre and I always enjoy an evil doctor or scientist type thrown in the mix.

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